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    At AccuClean, Inc we specialize in customized solutions tailored to fit your unique commercial cleaning needs. All of our employees are carefully screened and trained to provide the level of service our clients demand.

    Commercial pressure washing

    AccuClean, Inc. offers the best commercial pressure washing services to our clients in Atlanta. We specialize in removing mold, mildew, debris, dirt and graffiti from your commercial property.


    Medical facility cleaning is an important aspect of the services that AccuClean offers. With our vast experience in hygienic cleaning, all employees are trained in how to properly rid medical facilities of germs and infectious diseases.
    Company History


    Welcome to AccuClean, the premier commercial janitorial service in Atlanta. We provide substantial value in creating a cleaning service program that works for your facility. Our goal is to provide quality, professionalism, and detail in servicing facilities, with maximum cost effectiveness. With over 45 years of experience in the janitorial industry, AccuClean knows what works. Our company has broken down the reason for our recent success into three core competencies: Innovation, customer service, and continuous training. We offer medical cleaning, educational facility cleaning, office building cleaning, and day porter janitorial services in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

    Covid-19 Cleaning

    Protect your business with AccuClean’s Covid 19 cleaning program. Using OSHA safety standards our company performs cleaning and disinfection services according to CDC guidelines. Our staff is trained and experienced in combating the spread and remain on the front lines with many other essential workers to flatten the curve one building at a time. The work performed plays an intricate role in reducing the spread of the coronavirus. Helping to protect the buildings and tenants we service throughout this pandemic by completing thorough audits of facilities, formulating a cleaning program, and completing each step of the Covid cleaning process with the proper equipment.

    Using an electrostatic mist fogger manufactured by Geneon, our trained professionals will spray all areas. The mist fogging allows the disinfectant to get into the smallest areas unreachable by the traditional spray and wipe methods. The disinfectant kills 99.99% of microbial growth within 30 seconds. Contact us today for a free consultation!


    Post Construction Cleanup

    Contractors can be hard on new construction and renovating projects. Typically a certificate of occupancy is not the final check on a punch list. Post construction cleanup is needed prior to tenant or owner move-in. Often the dirt and dust find their way onto newly painted or installed surfaces. Paint splatters to sticker removal are all part of the cleanup process.

    AccuClean has a team that specializes in working with contractors. They understand the challenges and level of detail needed when working with new surfaces. We can handle residential or commercial cleanup providing:

    •    Washing all surfaces and walls
    •   High dust removal from ceiling pipes, ductwork, vents, light fixtures, etc.
    •   Stain removal, scrubbing, dusting and vacuuming of all surfaces
    •   Cleaning of the insides of desks and file cabinets.
    •   Full kitchens and bathrooms sanitizing
    •   Scrub floors and tiles for excess glues and grout
    •   Stainless steel polishing
    •   Floor cleaning, waxing and buffing
    •   Cleaning window sills and window frames
    •   Window cleaning including scraping and sticker removal

    Medical Facility Cleaning

    Medical facility cleaning is an important aspect of the services that AccuClean offers. With our vast experience in hygienic cleaning, all employees are trained in how to properly rid medical facilities of germs and infectious diseases. Our quality assurance team monitors the staff performance to maintain the AccuClean superior standard.

    Healthcare facilities can be especially challenging because of the dangers associated with infections. Our team understands the nature of cleaning these types of facilities, and ensures that best practices are used to properly clean these spaces with the proper disinfectants and germicidals. Special attention is given to high touch areas, cross contamination prevention, and infection control. We work hard to maintain a healthy environment our client can feel comfortable in. Our medical cleaning solutions are based on the best practices recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Association for Professionals in Infection Prevention (APIC).


    Our Promise To You

    Thank you for giving AccuClean Inc. the opportunity to quote your cleaning services needs. We are a locally owned company servicing the metro Atlanta area. We guarantee a fair and competitive price for the services we provide. When considering our proposal, be sure the companies you considering have:

    Insurance – Make sure all companies are fully insured. Insurance should not only be General Liability, but also include enough to cover losses of property.

    Workmen’s Compensation Insurance – Georgia law requires that all companies be registered with the State and have a policy in place. If you hire a company that is not compliant, you could be liable for any injuries that may occur.

    AccuClean Process


    All employees are required to complete 20 hours of field training quarterly. 1

    Train to detail

    Training all employees how to detail service areas at each facility 2

    Equip with innovation

    Giving our employees the best cleaning tools to yield the best results 3

    Team Work

    Improves productivity and produces quality results. 4


    Da Stock Analyst
    Da Stock Analyst
    I recently met Brian at a BOMA meeting in Atlanta and after receiving several proposals I decided to hire AccuClean. It was the best decision I've made for our commercial facilities. Being able to have one service provider for janitorial services, pressure washing, and parking lot sweeping helps minimize my daily task so I can be more productive in other areas. Thank you team!
    Jamir Ao
    Jamir Ao
    AccuClean is a great company. I was leary initially after receiving the proposal for pressure washing our 7 level parking deck. But the service provided was exceptional and completed in a timely manner. Will add this company to my vendor list. Awesome crew.
    Maria Valentin
    Maria Valentin
    Great people to wotk for, very considerate and professional.
    Andre Hynes
    Andre Hynes
    Cicely Anderson
    Cicely Anderson
    I have been working with AccuClean since 2018, and it has been a pleasure working with them. I truly appreciate AccuClean's genuine desire to meet and exceed expectations around the quickly evolving needs of my buildings since the start of the pandemic. Their commitment to excellency, ability to maintain consistency with great customer service, and their expertise in traditional and new cleaning standards have helped keep my buildings clean and tenants safe. I'm glad I have entrusted my buildings janitorial cleaning to Brian and his team and I look forward to continuing our partnership in the future!
    Marie Gesellschap
    Marie Gesellschap
    Professional and prompt service!
    First AME
    First AME
    Great service with a smile. So helpful!
    Undra Hessaway
    Undra Hessaway
    AccuClean is a very professional and reputable company. Highly recommend their services.
    Nick Ray
    Nick Ray
    Great service! Great people! Highly recommend!
    Patrick Brumfield
    Patrick Brumfield
    I've only been with the company for 10 months. They have proven that they are ALWAYS willing to help you in any capacity. Like most jobs, you have to go and do your work. I love family values and that's important to me and it shows with the company.
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