Are you the supply hoarder that purchased all of the tissue in the pandemic? If so we are looking for you to fill a position as supply manager at! lol. To properly provide services to the facilities we clean in Atlanta we must have the proper supplies that are EPA registered with Covid 19 kill claims. Just one problem…we may be the cleaning service many property managers are choosing but we are not the only cleaning company in Atlanta.

We are in constant contact with our janitorial supply providers to purchase the products that are going to keep the workplaces we service safe. Some of those products to name a few are Betco PH7Q, MediClean, Johnson Diversey Virex, the mist fogger from Geneon. Also, since most of the disinfectant wipes are on backorder we have been using Wypall a dry disposal cloth from Kimberly Clark. This allows us to spray the disinfect, allow it to dwell on a surface for 10 minutes, wipe the service clean and throw the wipe away. NO CROSS CONTAMINATION. Microfibers grab so many things off the surface but how many of the contaminants are really released from the fibers after washing? AccuClean is not taking the chance with our cleaning. One wipe and dispose, the germs are out of the building.

Some of the vendors that we have partnered with during the supply shortages are Southeast Link, Key Maintenance Supply, and JonDon. Thank you Steve (Southeast Link), Lamar (Key Maintenance Supply) and Gustavo (JonDon). For keeping us stocked up on disinfectants, hand sanitizer, tissue, and electrostatic sprayers.

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